Every dream starts with a vision. By combining your vision with our experience and skill, we will bring your dream car to life. Every build is unique, from crazy customs to cool classics, but each has it’s own vision that can only come to life by Koenig Performance.


During the design stage, we combine your ideas with our knowledge and put them on paper. The body lines, stance, fenders, trim, interior and paint start coming to life and that vision just got much more clear. Our team can then start focusing on the chassis, engine, and wiring moving from a concept to a foundation.


With the foundation in place, the sparks begin to fly. We blast, repair, and replace whatever is needed to get the framework ready. Wheel wells are widened, bodies chopped, and engines swapped. It is a labor of love.


After spending hours grinding, cutting, sanding, and wrenching making sure your vehicle is flawless, your 4-wheeled dream truly comes to life. Painting is our specialty and the most crucial part of the process.  Our team creates beautiful, custom colors to paint each vehicle.


The last step and most exciting step in our process is the reveal. This is the moment that our customers see their completed car for the first time. Not in a picture, but in person. They will be able to soak in the color, stance, sound, and feel of the car. And after months of hard work, it is all worth it to see the reactions of our customers knowing that they are no longer dreaming but living.